Respectfully Resolving Your Civil Disputes, Together

"Civil Collaborative Practice: An Effective, Legal  and Respectful Way to Resolve Your Civil Disputes" 

Trusts, Estates & Probate - Business - Real Estate
Health Care – Employment - Construction

What is Civil Collaborative Practice?

Court combat and mediation are not your only legal options! People may find themselves in disputes over, for example: the management of trusts and estates, business transactions, product defects, as well as health care, employment and construction issues. When those in conflict can’t work things out, they typically go to court and hire help: attorneys, CPAs and other adjunct professionals. Litigation is an expensive, adversarial process that costs time, money, stress and relationships. 

CCP professionals are all trained in protocols to facilitate a structured, legal process that provides more client support than mediation can offer, while staying out of court. The Collaborative Process is typically significantly less costly than litigation. Clients are guided as they, not a judge, design solutions to their differences. Clients select and agree to share a neutral financial specialist, and each client selects a collaboratively trained attorney and “coach” (licensed mental health professional). While actively blocking and redirecting ineffective communication (e.g. threatening, intimidating, judgmental comments), coaches redirect and facilitate effective communication, while teaching clients to manage emotions so they can use their attorneys and financial experts more efficiently, and move forward towards agreement.